You know what the Midwest is? Young and restless.




My name is Zachary King Sr I was beat by 4 or more officers Sunday after concert for no reason at all, I was walking to my truck when a officer stewert noticed I had a bulge in my shirt, he asked me what it was I put my hands up and said I have a conceal & carry and it’s my gun he then grabbed me by neck screamed “GUN GUN GUN” slammed me against brickwall then 4 or more officer slammed me on my face including officer Bronson and beat the mess outta me for no reason, I’m legal and they arrested me for obstruction of legal process whatever that is? I did nothing wrong they gave me a brealyzer I blew 0’s I didn’t resist and I was profiled and they did this to me so we’re gonna march on fri to police station downtown over 100 ppl. I have a lot of ppl behind me that are not taking this lightly my mom is reverend and a chemical dependecy counselor and her job and church are furious as we’ll as the whole twin cities hip hop community which I am a high ranking member in so this what the march is about we will have firm time and date for Friday tomorrow…

Happened in Mpls, MN….

uggghhhh. Shit like this happens in Minneapolis entirely too much. To be so diverse, our institutions are incredibly, ridiculously racist….just like everywhere else.

And you know what’s funny? Earlier today at my job in Minneapolis, we had a Bike Cop day. A day designed to get kids on bikes & learning bike laws AND to get youth familiar with the Bike cops in Minneapolis (read: to teach children of color that not all cops are bad. READ: To lie to our children). While the staff & youth from my school were outside, the cops put on a friendly, easy going demeanor. Once they thought everybody went inside, their attitudes completely changed. 

We serve a basically all black population, ages 5-13. There was one black cop. They watched our kids like hawks. After our kids were done with their activities they started talking so much shit about our programs.

One cop implied that our kids had stolen a few bikes (Hey Bob, I just did an inventory and we’re missing a few bikes. It’s okay Steve, I took some in early *chuckles* don’t worry). Another cop commented that he couldn’t believe he didn’t have our school’s number seeing how much trouble goes on there. 

& you know what’s worse? They were speaking to community members like this, about our kids. If the community doesn’t believe in the kids…who the hell will?

So yeh, fuck BikeCop day. Fuck MPD. You teach the kids today that cops are friendly too and like Black children/youth/men&women and will treat them fairly thusly. Then you harrass, beat & kill them when they get older. 


[Image is of a black guy in the hospital with facial wounds, holding a light green piece of paper with his name, the date (6-18-12), and other information which I can’t really tell what it is on it.]

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