You know what the Midwest is? Young and restless.
For many of the world’s people, particularly in Africa and parts of Asia, current agriculture is unable to provide them, in the environments in which they live, with ways of reliably growing the food they need. Some people inhabit regions affected by periods of extreme drought, others experience temperature fluctuations, or sudden incursions of pests, or soaking rains. Opposition to GMOs is largely a European phenomenon, not much heard in the land of the potential producers (North America), nor in those of potential consumers (Africa, Asia). In fact, many of the spokesmen for the world’s poor are impatient with what they see as the scruples of people who do not feel any threat of starvation (Stewart 2004, 161.)

Kitcher, Philip. Science in a Democratic Society. Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2011. Print.

The gloves are off!

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  12. muslimrave said: I’m not sure i totally understand his argument, and I really want to, especially with prop 37 coming up. Is GMO opposition pointless for those not in Europe/Norht Am? I’m only familiar with Michael Pollan’s book on this stuff. Do you mind explaining?
  13. political-linguaphile said: oye Luisito, did you see my Rosario Dawson quote? How do you feel about that 79%? It feels right (or maybe I am biased here and really want it to be), but there;s no source. Not one I could find anyway
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