You know what the Midwest is? Young and restless.

Some chick at work bitched me out today because I am, apparently, a table stealer.  I would never do this intentionally, but sometimes I get out of rotation, and will readily admit that I’ve taken a table out of turn because I DON’T KNOW WHOSE GODDAMN TURN IT IS AND YOU’RE IN THE BACK ON YOUR DAMN PHONE NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND PEOPLE NEED DRINKS. Oh well, whatever.  It just kinda sucks.  This chick made it sound like everyone thinks I am a table bandit and my first thought is, of course, that everyone hates me.  They don’t.  I’m just paranoid and anxious enough as it is that I assume everyone really doesn’t like me, so shit like this just worsens my anxiety. Ohhhh well, whatever.  I can’t wait until I am out of the serving industry.  I just hate that instead of saying, “Hey, you skipped me in rotation, I’m taking the next two tables,” this bitch said that I am intentionally trying to rob her of money, and she had to bitch to the BARTENDER and say this instead of talking to me like an adult. GAWD.  Oh well, I’m already drunk and getting over it.  But still, I wish people could just address problems in a logical manner. I am pretty non-confrontational at work because I want everyone to LOVE ME PLZ. Well shit, I need to get over that and just be the bitchy person I am in everyday life.

  1. yoshilover19 said: I love the bitch you are in everyday life. So does everyone else. I bet people come in and request to have you as a server anyway, so that girl needs to get her head out of her ass.
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