You know what the Midwest is? Young and restless.
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did i post these already? i dont care, look at my burrito child

Dam you know how to roll a joint

Omg Kay I swear it’s you :)

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Vegetarian stuffed cabbage. Kayla, let’s make this!  Also, chestnuts look like little brains.

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girl: dad i’m pregnant

dad: ha ha nice to meet u pregnant, i’m dad!!!

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Everyone needs a Pocket Chekov!

Reblogging for Kayla!

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Reblogging for Kayla.

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I don’t have a super cool smartphone, so I can’t regularly post pics of what I eat for the masses to see.  Luckily, my friend Matthew came to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma’s and took a photo, so now I can show everyone! Mwahaha.

So thankful for my friends, my family, and my very charmed life.  Just wish Kayla could have been there.

Nope, totally does.  Remember this, Kayla!

Aw, my sister made us her little picture on tumblr!  Miss you, bebe.

Is tumblr back up yet?
the first thing out of my sister’s mouth when I woke her up from a nap to eat some motherfuckin’ sushi. Bahahaha.